About Us

Miranz Tours is a dream come true for two sisters Marilyn De Petro and Rina Cooper. Ironically, we were on opposite sides of the world when we both said to each other during one of our facetime chats– we really need to run some tours (Rina said Greece and Marilyn said USA). So began a couple of years of planning to bring this dream to a reality.

Our father is from Greece and our mother is from USA, so we will return to exploring the homeland of both of our parents. How did they meet? You will have to join one of our tours to hear that story!

We have been lucky enough to travel extensively over the years but for both of us family commitments slowed that down for a few years. We are now ready to resurrect the thirst for travel and tourism and with the age comes wisdom so is born Miranz Tours.

Miranz Tours About Us